Why Matalan

Why Matalan

Being Matalan

It’s all about the culture

We’re not just saying it, Matalan is a great place to work. The family culture, working for a business that recognises and supports everyone and the contribution they make; no matter who they are, creates incredible loyalty and hard work.

If you ask anyone who works here why it’s a great place to be, without exception you’ll hear the same answer. Whether it’s team, family, friends or customers; the Matalan culture, our Values and way of working is about our people.

Your Voice Forums

We’re always looking for ways to make life here at Matalan even better for our colleagues, after all they’re the driving force behind our business.

With that in mind we’ve created a number of colleague Your Voice Forums across Matalan which meet each month. These forums give our people a voice with the opportunity to talk about anything and everything which affects them in their day to day role.


Here at Matalan we like to work together, not in silos. When it comes to Learning & Development, we take the same approach, utilising all the internal expertise we have to offer whilst encouraging our teams to stay commercial, keep up to date with wider industry activity and continually improve.

We are very proud of our Matalan Education development offer, or Me. as we know it. It’s named that as that’s exactly what it’s about - You.

It will give you the chance to drive your career in whatever way works for you. Whether you want to be at the top of your game, broaden your skill base or have the ambition to go from entry level all the way to the board, Me. will help you to gain clarity on WHAT you need to learn and once you know that, help you to choose HOW you want to learn it.

We recognise that not everyone wants to learn the same thing, nor do they want to learn in the same way. That’s why we have lots of different opportunities for you to take advantage of, tailored to what you want from your career. We have 4 ways to learn, each offering a different experience and challenge.

We always aim to set you up for success right from your first day and getting to grips with your role, onto growing your career utilising our Career Paths and constantly improving through our simple but effective review conversations.

We don’t just focus on growing your technical skills; our Management and Leadership programmes will challenge you to develop the key behaviours that will drive your career forward and increase your strategic impact. We are passionate about giving you what you need to grow your talent so that ultimately we can grow the business, together.

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Rewards & Benefits

Our Reward and Benefits Schemes are in place to make sure we recognise our people when they do a great job and go the extra mile for our team and customers in everything we do. In addition to our competitive salaries we also offer:

Discount Scheme

Offered from day one, you can expect an amazing level of discount on our product. Just like holidays, this increases with length of service too!


“We’ve got great holiday entitlements for all colleagues to help them spend more quality time with friends and family, and it continues to increase with length of service up to a maximum of 30 days!”

Group Life Assurance

Covers all our colleagues between the ages of 16 and 75, and provides nominated friends or family with a tax free lump sum

Family Friendly

As a Mumsnet Gold Award holder, we want everyone at Matalan to benefit from a work-life balance. We’ve got a range of policies in place to support the flexible needs of our people. These include, but aren’t limited to, maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

Recognition Schemes

We love to celebrate our colleagues so we have Length of Service Career Celebration awards to recognise key milestones

Salary Sacrifice

We have a number of schemes in place including a company pension.


Our scheme is open to all colleagues and is provided by Legal & General to help save for retirement.


Looking after our Matalan Family Members is really important to us and falls in line with our Think Family value. With that in mind, we’ve brought together old and new benefits to form ‘Wellbeing at Matalan’. Split in to 2 streams; ‘Looking after You’ and ‘Looking after your Money’ we’ve designed a programme that looks after both physical and mental health, and financial wellbeing.

Contracts and Policies

At Matalan we offer a range of contracts starting from 4 hours, right up to full time, with varied working hours depending on the role and area of the business. All employees receive a contract of employment detailing their working hours, entitlement to breaks, annual leave, sickness absence policies, and links to where they can access all of the Company policies.

Equality & Diversity

We are committed to providing a working environment free of harassment, where all employees are treated with respect and dignity. We value diversity and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. We are an equal opportunities employer, and have a clear and accessible Equality & Diversity Policy, that outlines both the business and individual responsibilities relating to this.


Our Whistleblowing policy details a number of ways that employees can report any allegations of fraud, misconduct or wrongdoing, through either telephoning the confidential hotline hotline on 0151 556 6996, emailing the confidential inbox (confidential@matalan.co.uk), or by writing to us (Perimeter Road, Knowsley, Liverpool, L33 7SZ). Employees are encouraged to raise any concerns through the appropriate channels, so that we can address them. We take steps to ensure that employees are protected from victimisation and any detrimental treatment arising from whistleblowing.